Sunday, 22 July 2007

the outcome of an arthistorians' farewell party

Actually, there are SOME news: last thursday I talked to my tutor for this project about the results of my Paris trip (after being introduced to holy Victor Stoichita; unfortunately I missed Dieter Kimpel). There are no actual results, really, apart from the "material" that I have now and that I will deal with. There is some progress with the picture labelling, as you might have noticed on my chart there on the right, and Ive kind of prepaired a portfolio about the project to show around, which has been of no use so far. Therefore, I have spend some time on getting the time chart right, but what is really important now is to get the bibliography properred out. Also, I need to get through to the monuments historiques, that is something French that might contain some information about what is old and what is new in Saint Martin des Champs choir, as this seems to be a major problem for me at the moment - how can I analyse things and compare them to other elements when Im not even sure if they are 12th, 18th, 19th, 20th or 21st Century..

Another thing is, Id like to post some more pictures on here, also along with the text, or give a link to another frame with some enlargable thumbnails... Anyone out there who happens to know how?

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