Friday, 17 August 2007

other art of the 2nd 1/4 of the 12th C.

It would be really good to make a chronological list with all the sculpture and architecture Saint Martin can be compared to:

[1090/1100 San Vittore, Muralto, Locarno]
before 1100/1st half of C12th Saint Remi, Reims (chapterhouse sculpture)
1132-1140 Saint Denis (West), Paris (western narthex structure, capitals, west facade sculpture around portals)
1140-1144 Saint Denis (East), Paris (ambulatory and chapel structure)
1134-1147 Saint Pierre de Montmartre, Paris (? no pix yet)
before 1150/after 1163 Notre Dame, Paris (maybe sculpture on south portal of West facade, maybe capitals in ambulatory?)
1163 Saint Germain des Pres, Paris
(capitals in ambulatory, chapels and Westportal, Archy structure in chapels)
1170 Saint Julien le Pauvre, Paris (probably some capitals, but not really)


ok, now this jsut needs to be connected to some dates, if there happen to be any known...
(just added the information in, its from my great chart, more or less according to Anne Praches Romanesque Art of the Ile de France, 2/10/07)

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