Tuesday, 15 April 2008

is life without spacebars possible?

its been a pretty busy month I have to say. after theeaster break was over, I started working quite a lot on my texts. especially those parts that actually are connected to art history. but now Im back to editing and correcting mostly historical bits an bops. Sometimes I feel like a private detective investigating in the case of Saint Martin. When I actually ought to be doing much more creative things like comparing one capital with another one or one bit of stone with another.. hmmm.

also, Ive found quite a lot of old plans and depictions of Saint-Martin that Ive been trying to analyse in the past week. Its quite interesting how unprecise even the ground plans from the 19th century are. Especially Viollet-le-Duc is making a complete fool of himself.
it is pretty amazing, at least I think so, that Ive got two depictions of the church of Saint Martin from shortly after the Roman building was constructed (Chronique versifiée dated roun 1070s -1090s) and a nother two from the 13th century copy of that chronicle. My favourite one is by Fouquet though, although the reproductions Ive got of that illumination are pretty horribly blurred. Even Merian etched it, I think the younger one. When Ive handed this in I might load up lots of pictures, unless I get washed away of further obligations that Ive puttign aside allthat time now.

another thing are financial factors. Ill have to spent some 40 euro on printing and binding three sets of about 150 pages each, including illustrations. AND if I want colour pictures as well that would make some 33 euro more if I include 17 colour prints in each of those sets. or 23 euro for 10 colour prints in each.

I even have a file called my Masterproject and its the actual text Im gonna hand in... at some point. Though im altering it all the time. Its not finished yet. The main bits and the intro and conclu are pretty rough still or even non-existent. no conclusions yet. hehe. l'art pour l'art.

ok, thats all for now, folks. unless one of you can tell me how to put my spacebar back into place properly. i foolishly removed it earlier to get rid of all the fluffy dust underneath it, but it doesnt fit back on now. help.


Unknown said...

Good day.
I must say I was quite surprised to discover your blog. As it so happens, I was looking for some older versions of Saint-Martin's ground plans in order to compare them with my own. I recently (early June) aided my professor in taking what are apparently the first precise/accurate measurements of the choir.
I would be intrigued to hear more about your research. Also, I wonder if you have any suggestions about reading materials. Besides Bony's short bit, I can find very little in English on the church, and my French is sadly lacking.

Well best of luck on your research, then. Look forward to hearing more.

Anna said...

Mary Elizabeth,
youve probabaly given up hope to hear from me, but I only discovered your comment on my blog now. I finished the project last summer, but am getting back into the topic at the moment to do some further research about Saint-Martin. I would be very pleased to get in contact with you. It has been hard to find any researchers who are interested in Saint-Martin and until now I wasnt aware of anyone else actually working on it. So Id be more than interested to hear what you/your professor are working on and what results your measurements led to. Really very interested! In my M.A. thesis I have examined all the ground plans that have been used by researchers but also some from the archives in Paris.. Please feel welcome to contact me via email


Looking forward to hearing from you,