Tuesday, 2 October 2007


sorry guys (is anyone reading this at all? hopefully not, its actually all quite top secret), due to technical problems and malfunctions I havent been able to access that is to edit this luvly page. Although I have been way to lazy in terms of working on my project its not like I didnt do anything at all. Im sitting ovet the document thing (Depoin and Company) and have come up with some great charts. Ill show you later, along with some new pictures.. need to rush off (blood to the head) now.

PS: got flagged in the meantime.. yay.


Anonymous said...

Of course ppl are reading this. A select, exclusive elite group of people.

art histeric said...

hmm, cool! would be interesting to know whats been going on in YOUR research fields in the 12th century.. probably much more than on THIS side of the bosporus... waiting for a detailed report btw! due on the day after your arrival! (whens that?)

Anonymous said...

The archaeologists left their natural habitat and invaded these northern regions on the 29th of Septembre in the year of our lord (which lord?) 2007.

art histeric said...

oh, how wonderwonderwonderfull

quid vero bonum nuntium est - the readers of Horse and Hound will be delighted!

but where is the detailed report then? its way overdue! will there be a colourful page on the internet with dusty pictures of sunburnt faces and clay pieces?maybe? or a secret convention in the binder cave of whispers?

art histeric said...

hey, dje-si!
got your postcards! well cool those columns along the road (or what is it?)!
when shall we two meet again? do we have to wait for thunder, lightning and rain? and does it have to be Scotland?
or is the sunny T. good enough?

A.rt histeric