Saturday, 12 January 2008

happy new year

2008 is a year full of final exams, final results and final decisions. Hopefully the first step will be taken soon - that is handing in THAT thing.. Apart from eating cookies, stollen, ducks, raclette, turkeys, lobster, fish, schnitzel and bagels over the last couple of weeks, I also have written out the building history (admittedly only during last week though). There ARE footnotes! Even more than proper text. But they are still pretty obscure and will need neating out. hmm, that seems to be a general problem here.

Today Ive spent a remarkable amount of time cruising through the "Fotoindex Marburg" to get some more illustrations on other churches. They actually are quite a lot of pictures of Saint Martin as well. Mostly from the 1940s, which is not ideal for my purposes, but still historically interesting. The church seems to have been in quite an acceptable state back then. I remember seeing other "old" pictures of it with nailed up shattered windows, the walls falling apart and the ground around it receeding. That might have been just before the restaurations of the 1910s then, maybe. Although I had kind of remembered that picture being from the 20s or 30s. Hmm. Ill find out at some point. Im still at odds with a couple of things, but it helps to see all those other, more or less contemporary churches; for one starts to realize the actual character of Saint Martin as opposed to all the other pompous cathedrals, provincial churches and the slightly more sophisticated as probably later attempts.

Im looking forward to the next part now, the summary of all the books and essays written on Saint Martin. Its gonna be hard work, but at least I will get back into the texts, some of which I read only briefly ages ago, so that I will hopefully get a better overview about the more general opinions as well as the rather detailed analyses.

It kind of feels like I still havent started writing yet, but looking at the above and below it just needs a bit of editing and I have nearly 20 written pages already! In the meantime Ive also decided to use digital illustrations and to print them out in colour. Its more fuss on the one hand, but also less on the other - but its definitely going to be neater. hehe. word of the blog. Oh, AND there will have to be a picture on the front page. Probably simplement le chevet...

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