Monday, 18 February 2008

its been a looong time, noooow Im coming back home...

I have not been lazy! dont worry. but im still far away from my goal. I havent been able to do as much writing as I would like to, but its not like I haven tdone anything at all over the last month. As a special treat, and Ive just realized, that I didnt even mention that in the last post, I got a reaaaally loooong and contenting as contentful essay by Arnaud Prié about you-know-what from ma petite amie from Wonderland with lots of new ideas about the southern parts of the choir, that is the belltower and the former little apsis there. Archeological, but highly interesting. Also, Ive come up with a concept for the illustrations, found three different plans of the church, and so on. Ive started the literary bit by summing up all texts on Saint Martin, thus reducing two huge files into 18 pages. Its still loads of work. For a brief moment I was back into the whole thing, but I keep loosing track of "who said what now".. At the moment im still writing about the date and the reasons for the new building campaign. Its quite detailed, so I might just put something shorter there and use these bits for the main discussion. Ive even written another introduction! Also, Ive looke into capitals - forms, types, styles.. hard core stuff! :)


Anonymous said...

Good to see you are still alive and kicking.
Perhaps we can meet up sometime. If you can take a break from your modern stuff :-)

*waves bye and returns to nice proper temples*

art histeric said...

where and when?

Im slightly restricted but that my change this week.
A. Histeric

Winefred said...

Hi -- just found your site while searching (desperately) for a colour reproduction of the 13th Cent. ms. showing Philip I granting privileges to the Priory in question. It's reproduced in black and white in (my admittedly ancient copy) Panofsky's Gothic Architecture and Scholasticism, listed as Bibliotheque Nationale Nouvelles Acquisitions lat. 1359, fol.6. I find references to the ms. here and there, but haven't found a colour reproduction. Do you have any clues? Best wishes on your most interesting project.


art histeric said...

As far as I remember the picture Ive got there is from the CNAM website of which youll find a link on my page. Somewhere in the history of the priory.. I dont remember seeign any other colour pictures of that document. If i stumble upon any, ill write you a note. thanks for appreciating my work,

art histeric me

PS: how come youre interester in Saint-Martin?