Monday, 19 November 2007


hmm, seems like I havent done anything in quite a while - which is not entirely true. Ive been busy working and opening exhibitions, travelling Northwest, frying ducks and freezing cakes andandand many other useful things.. like - and that IS relative for this project - Ive finally got a table and a lamp and a working laptop and space around me for all the ideas that pop into my head. like having an Ile-de-France map with lots of little post-its that show the village churches that are formally connected to Saint-Martin, and A printer, and right next to me a perfect little shelf (actually the windowsill) that holds my picturebox. and so on.

After creating that tidy workplace that will render me horribly concentrated and masterminded I cleaned my lego-usb-stick and turned it into a project storing device. ALhtough I have started neglecting it already in the meantime.

Ive also found and read some more texts by Dehio, Anne Prache, Henriet and Kimpel/Suckale that hold some more or less general information about the creation of THE GOTHIC and at least mention Saint-Martin-des-Champs positively (in spite of not being built quite straightly yet).

what else?
Im planning another attack on the monuments historiques. theyve GOTTA be accessible somehow.

Apart from all that I feel ready to start writing now. nothing big and new maybe, but it would be nice to get rid of the description and history, maybe followed by the literary discussions. So that I can finally get started on lloking thoroughly at vaulting systems and changing principles of pier and column concoctions.

but let me get back to holepunching for just one night and then well see.

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